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Ikelite DS-160 strobe.  Used - excellent condition (serial #12676, NiMH battery date 11/2011) $500, Ikelite DS-161 Strobes (2) Used - nearly new condition (serial #60208, NiMH battery date 08/2012) & (serial #59163, NiMH battery date 11/2011) $625 each,
Ikelite NiMH Quick Chargers (2) excellent condition with all international tips: $50 each,
Package with Aquatica AD7000 housing, D7000 camera, Tokina 10-17 lens, 4" Aquatica glass mini-dome - call/email for details & price. Please note - Chris is an Ikelite/Aquatica dealer, but these are his personal items, used & maintained only by him.  If you need accessories (ball mounts, sync cords, ports, etc.) Chris can get them for you new.

Contact Chris Gug -- Gug@GugUnderwater.com or call 954-579-8096


Anyone got a stack of old Skin Diver magazines just collecting dust or taking up space?  If you are interested in selling or donating your magazines I’d be very attentive in seeing what you have.  I have an interesting side project I’m putting together and would be happy to discuss. 

Contact:   Sam Hodge --sam@sea2020.com


Seacam housing body for Nikon D700 digital SLR.  This housing has been modified to give the user significantly increased access to the capabilities of the Nikon D700.  These include a triple-function control that provides the photographer with access to both the preview and function buttons and provides a port lock, something which no Seacam housing provides.  In addition there is an clutch that engages or disengages the manual focus gear when you switch between the AF modes and manual focus.  Also improved handgrips.  Included with the housing is a Nikon D700 camera body with two camera batteries and two battery chargers.  $4950.

Also available is a Seacam 45-degree viewfinder.  $850 if purchased separately or in combination
with the housing body and D700 for $5500.
I will bring these items with me to the next SFUPS meeting for inspection.  I also have a limited
range of ports, extension rings and lens gears for the Seacam system.

Contact:   Fred Bavendam -- fbavendam@hotmail.com  or  954-953-7623


Original Canon XTRebel Body (6.3 megapixels), Ikelite housing, charger, two batteries, port cover and camera body cover.  All in excellent condition.  $700.
Nikon Coolpix 5000, Ikelite housing, underwater wide angle converter, above water wide angle converter, charger, three batteries, and slide copier. Excellent Condition. $300.

Contact:   Amaury Cruz -- amaurycruz@yahoo.com


Subal ND 30 Housing for Nikon D300, $3500. complete overhaul, all parts/O-rings replaced; pressure tested Aug 2013 by Reef Photo.
Subal Flat Port FP-75/4 (for 60mm lens) $200.
Subal EXR-40/4 Extension Ring  (for 105mm lens) $100.
Subal GS-180 Magnifying Viewfinder (installed) $950, 
Subal Zoom Gear for Tokina AF 10-17 FE $50,
Zen Underwater DP-100 100mm Fisheye Dome $750, Port for Subal type 4,
Sea & Sea Nikonos Style Synch Cord 2@ $90 = $180,
D300 User Manual and Simon Stafford’s Magic Lantern Guide $10,
Nikon MH-18a Charger $25,
Nikon Li-on Battery Pack EN-EL3a   2@ $25=$50,
Compact Flash Cards: $25: 2@16 GB, 1@ 4 GB, 1@ 2 GB, 1@ 1 GB.

Contact:  Jacqui Eisenberg  at acquarelle@mac.com

Ike slave sensor  AD-TTL  $18, 
Inon Optical D never wet  $85 OBO, 
Inon Optical D Strobe cable never wet  $45, 
Inon to Nauticam F.O.cable X 2 never wet $50 EA, 
Schneider 6X Platinum $250 new $100,   Gagne Porta Trace Light box  $25,  
Nikon 16mm Fisheye 2.8 Excellent  $550,  
Nikon 55-200 Zoom 5/11 refurb.Excellent  $85, 
 Zeagle Scout BC w/ Air 2 Good cond. $125 You will need hose Air2 to reg.

Contact:   Wayne MacWilliams -- shutterthethought@comcast.net


One wet close up diopter Nexus CL 100. Approx. 4" in diameter. Has black rubber skirt to fit
over lens port. Has been used on Seatool ports, may fit others as well.
Tripod Mount Ring for Canon 70-200mm F4 L lens, in original box in new condition, model A II (W), Price $75.
One used Fisheye Fix LED48DX Focus Light in good condition in original box. Uses 8 AA batteries. Intensity of light can be controlled, has switch for SOS signal, a welcome safety feature for night diving. 
Brand new like 100mm Canon Macro Lens EF 1:2.8 USM, made in Japan, in original box (For Canon mounts) $415

Contact Bernie Meier -- meierb@bellsouth.net



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