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All images will be judged on an equal basis, whether they originally came from slide film, print film or a digital camera. All images must be submitted prior to the meeting in a digital format (instructions for submitting are found below). Film photographers will need to have their slides or prints scanned. Please take a moment to review all of the contest rules.

Photos must be taken underwater by the entrant. No aquarium or pool shots. Photographers may submit images originally taken with any medium. All images must be submitted digitally. Images derived from original film or digital files will be judged on an equal basis.

Each month the contest is divided into two categories - Masters and Challengers, each with different subjects to promote participation by all SFUPS members of all skill levels. A maximum of 2 images per person may be submitted per meeting.

If you have been a "Photographer of the Year", in either the film or digital category, then you are considered a Master and are only allowed to compete in the Masters category each month. Everyone else is considered a Challenger and may compete in either category (still with a maximum of two images per person).

Images must adhere to the monthly subject matter. Some subjects are more open to interpretation, while others are very specific. Consult your I.D. books or photographer friends if you are unsure. For example, make sure you are not entering a filefish photo in the triggerfish category. Images that do not adhere to the subject matter may be disqualified at the time of judging.

Throughout the year, we also have special on-the-day contests. OTD contests will award 1st thru 5th place (with 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point respectively). Everyone will compete on an equal basis for these special contests.

Persons with winning images agree to allow SFUPS to publish their images in the next month's newsletter and in the annual Holiday Party digital presentation.

Once an image has won, please retire that image from future competitions.

Points will be totaled to determine the annual SFUPS Photographer of the Year. The award will be given out at the annual Holiday Party. The point system gives Challengers a slight edge while still allowing Masters to win Photographer of the Year again. When participation is 10 images or more, 5 places will be awarded. When participation is less than 10 images, three places will be awarded.

Points will be awarded as follows:
First Place = 5 points,  Second Place = 4 points,  Third Place = 3 points,  Fourth Place = 2 points, 
Fifth Place = 1 point.

Challengers winning in the Masters category will earn 1.5 times the points as follows:
First Place = 7.5 points,  Second place = 6 points,  Third Place = 4.5 points,  Forth Place = 3 points,
Fifth Place = 1.5 points.

The person accumulating the most points during the year will be named "SFUPS Photographer of the Year" and will become (or remain) a "Master" for future intra-club contests. An additional award will be giving to the runner up (2nd Place).

We will also recognize the "Best Challenger" and "2nd Place Challenger" for the two people receiving the most challenger points during the year.  These people will remain challengers for future contests.

Realizing that some computer adjustments are necessary for digital files, we ask that only minor adjustments be made in the computer. Only minor cropping, color adjustments, backscatter removal and sharpening are allowed. No extreme computer manipulation, removing items or adding items to the image.

Images are to be submitted prior to the meeting so they can be compiled for easy viewing and judging. Please submit all images by the Sunday night preceding the Tuesday meeting.  Image size should be 1400 pixels on the long side in order to be displayed properly by our new HD digital projector.  Images should be submitted in JPEG format. Color space should be sRGB.
Pixels per inch (or dpi) should be 144.Peacock Mantis Shrimp with Eggs © Susan Mears

The name of your image file must include your name, month, category and number. Use "mastr" for Masters Category and "chall" for Challengers category. For example: an image submitted by
John Doe for the January Challengers contest would be named - JDoe-JanChall-1.jpg

Entries must be sent via email to Jim Mears at audiovisual@sfups.orgPlease don't forget the Sunday night deadline!

   ©Susan Mears

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